Ups & Downs

Things have been busy since Second Saturday. On the one hand, I was honored to be interviewed for the Sacramento Art History Consortium Artober Artist series, which was a lot of fun. You can see it for yourself here and also follow up on that site to see the whole series. They’ve been interviewing really top notch talent and I am humbled to be counted among them.

On the other hand, the studio flooded from a defective sprinkler the Monday after Second Saturday, and flooded the first floor (where my studio resides) and much of the upper floor as well. All things considered, I fared pretty well, with my original work suffering very little effects. I lost some prints and some of the furniture took a beating, but I am very lucky that it wasn’t worse. Some of my fellow artists from the complex were not so lucky and suffered considerable damage, I am told. You can see the news story from the Bee here.

Many folks showed up to help move art out of danger, and the Sac FD did an exemplary job getting the situation under control. The owners and management of the complex have been very responsive and I am grateful to all of them for what they’ve done to keep the situation from being worse.

I’m headed into Halloween very aware of how fleeting things can be in life. Maybe that will help me slow down and appreciate the good things a little more from now on.


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