The Patron Saint of the Broken Heart

New painting of Patsy Cline now up for viewing (see it now).  Her voice was so sad and her lyrics so dysfunctional, it’s hard not to feel moved when you hear “Crazy” or “Walking after Midnight” but I also can’t take her too seriously either for some reason. Her music is such a thing of another time it’s hard to avoid feeling that it’s almost campy.

In case you have never listened:


Walking After Midnight

Anyway, take a look at the painting. It might be a salve for your loneliness.

Please stay tuned for info on prints and where it may hang.

Big thanks to Matt Verdolivo for taking pictures. Check out his stuff too, but only if you’re up for something amazing:

Patsy Cline, patron saint of the broken heart

Saint Patsy #1

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