A villain’s Helmet


Squid Ink!

Making dinner the other night I harvested some squid ink sacs and later found a brush for some quick experiments.


I had a great time with this instagram drawing challenge! You can see all the drawings I did, just click on the Lich!

©2017 Avery King


Treasure hunter

It ain’t easy being a gnome but finding that lost tomb is promising.

Sword Summoner

Tapping into unworldly powers he draws forth his blade

Art Street

Proud to be a small part of Art Street in Sacramento. If you are in the area, go check it out!


Zoldar the Deserter

The army isn’t for everyone, particularly when you’ve unlocked eldritch secrets.

The pilgrim

Not sure where he’s from, or what place he seeks, but trouble might be following him.


Spell slinging goblins are nothing but trouble

A few year end stragglers