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Weekend is upon us, the clock springs forward, and Black Phillip has advice for us all…

Copyright 2018 Avery King

A couple more dungeon dude drawings

I’m not keeping up very well, but I managed a couple more sketches this week.

Wardrobe Goblin

Day 4 of the #dungeondrawingdudes challenge: Wardrobe Goblin.

He’ll cut you in style.

Bathroom key

Another #dungeondrawingdudes prompt from the challenge, the bathroom key from a rough tavern.

Dwarven Blacksmith

©2019 Avery King

Day 1, Dungeon Drawing Dudes 2019


Dungeon Drawing Dudes 2018

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More doodling

Still playing with this old pen, one day I’ll know how to use it.

©2018 Avery King

Big sword

©2018 Avery King

The Captain

Ogre Faced Spider

©2018 Avery King

Giant Ogre Faced Spiders hunt with web nets, and know just a few, creepy phrases.

New to me…

©2018 Avery King

Gnome warlock


©2018 Avery King

Creepy Halfling

©2018 Avery King

First of a few elf sketches

©2018 Avery King

Another elf sketch, using a nib similar to the old quill pen tips

©2018 Avery King

Another elf sketch, using the same nib, but looser and faster.

I found an old fountain pen that someone gave me years ago and decided to give it a try. I loved it, and I’ve become a little obsessed with it. I’m very sloppy with it still, but I’m enjoying how fluid the lines are, when everything goes right.